Finding “Dutchiness” in San Diego

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Finding “Dutchiness” in San Diego

While staying in San Diego for a few days during our first road trip in Dutchie – the main reason of our visit was to spend time with my daughter (lucky girl attends college there!). We did have a few hours one day to search out some “dutchiness”!

After Stefan and I tasted a few local brews in the North Park area, we discovered this area is home to more than beer – it’s got a juice bar called Lucky Dutch Juice! Unfortunately it was closed when we went by, so we don’t know the story behind their business name (their website doesn’t give any clue to that either). We are finding Dutch and Holland pop up in business names quite often!

When I was researching San Diego “dutchiness” online I came across a home shop called “Dutch“.  It happened to be just down the street from the juice bar in the South Park neighborhood. As luck turned out – it was just opening as we were outside taking photos. We had a wonderful conversation with the owner Kate and she gave us the story of how she named her cute little shop (and online store) “Dutch”.  No, you won’t find tulips or wooden shoes or Delft plates here. The name comes from her and her husband’s mutual love of Amsterdam, the time they spent there together and their love of the Dutch lifestyle! After leaving “Dutch” Stefan and I were on cloud nine (or in the clouds, as the Dutchies say)! This is exactly the reason we want to search out “dutchiness” – to hear people’s stories and connections to Stefan’s home land – The Netherlands!

Our last place we found some “dutchiness” in San Diego was on a visit to Coronado Island (read here about why you should visit this special place!) and walking down main street we noticed Holland’s Bicycles. A fitting name for a bike shop, since Dutchies are such avid cyclists!

Stefan and I look forward to sharing more of our “dutchiness” discoveries! Thanks for reading, sharing and your comments!

See ya on the road!

Kris & Stefan

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