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Woof! I was born on February 7, 2016 when Kris and Stefan adopted (rescued!) me. Okay, technically reborn – that wasn’t a life being chained up and hungry! Enough about that -because now I’m living the life with my pack; that includes food and treats, daily walks and endless love! I’m working on that affection thing – I still save my kisses for extra special moments but I’m starting to really enjoy those hugs. 🙂

My favorite thing to do is hike – all those smells, it’s like doggy heaven! My biggest role in Dutchies on the Loose is keeping my humans active and insulating our home on wheels with all my extra fur! After receiving a DNA test for Christmas – I can now confirm I’m mostly Malamute. You can’t imagine how many times I got asked what kind of dog I was! 🙂 After learning to love life on the road, I’m so excited for another adventure!

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