Changing the CH751 Locks on Your Rig

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Changing the CH751 Locks on Your Rig

Changing the storage compartments locks was still on our to-do list before heading out on our first road trip in Dutchie. The two biggest reasons we wanted to change the locks are downsizing our number of keys (right now we have 5 different keys for unlocking and driving our motorhome – crazy!) and safety. Did you know that 60 percent of all storage compartments found in today’s RVs have the same CH751 locks and keys?! Being newbies – we recently learned this. That’s why we decided those needed to be changed before we hit the road!

What are CH751 Locks?

Alongside other locks, the CH751 is an extremely common and inexpensive lock that manufacturers use to save money. We learned this comes with the cost of security. These locks are found in recreational vehicles, tool boxes, desks, cabinets, display cases, and many other products that use cam locks. This means there are A LOT of keys floating around that can open all these same locks!

Now What?

Buying locks on Amazon, eBay or other websites may be less expensive but these sellers don’t tell you how many key code combinations they have, how many times they have sold that same code to customers, and it was difficult finding out the materials and quality of those locks.

Fortunately after some online research we found Industrial Lock and Hardware (ILH). This company custom builds each lock by scratch from quality materials. They have been storing each customer’s assigned key combination for future reference since the 90’s and offer 9000+ key combinations for the tubular cam locks (what we’ve installed) and 200+ key combinations for the disc tumbler locks.

Can You Do it Yourself?

CH751We found replacing the the old CH751 locks was fairly easy. First go to the website and download the form to identify the correct size lock, correct size cam, and correct size cam offset (or bend) needed. After you remove the old locks and match them with the correct size images on the form (the only part that was a bit tricky was some of the cams are bent so measuring was a little difficult). We ordered our new (safer!) locks using the online form on their website and a few days later our new locks arrived USPS Priority mail.

After installing we discovered we forgot one lock to order! So happy we could order an extra lock with the same key!

We spent about $140 on ten new locks for our all our outside storage compartments. It feels like a fairly inexpensive investment for a little added safety from theft and entry to our motorhome!CH751

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