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Dutchie the Jamboree

Hi there – I’m Dutchie, a Fleetwood Jamboree Sport 25G! Not to brag, but I make this entire adventure possible for my crew. My stats at birth are impressive – I was born in 2012 with a length of 27 feet and weight of 14,500 pounds! Luckily I’m done growing. 🙂

I get my looks from the Ford E450 model and I’m energetic with my V10 6.8L engine. I have many responsibilities but most important are getting Kris and Stefan safely to their project locations and providing them and Balto with a comfy home. In return, they are extra nice to me – they bathe me, feed me (even thought they often tell me what a gas guzzler I am! 😉 ) and empty my tanks. I’m also often rewarded with being in a beautiful spot for a couple weeks to enjoy this great country! How good it feels to at times rest my engine and recharge my batteries!

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