Seeking “Dutchiness” on Route 66 in Arizona

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Seeking “Dutchiness” on Route 66 in Arizona

As a Dutch/American couple (Stefan moved here from The Netherlands in 2015) living together in the States for the past few years – we’ve discovered one can’t escape the Dutch influence here! Even though it’s a very small country the Dutch immigrants and their heritage left a very large impact in the US.

Stefan and I share a love of travel! Last fall we bought a motorhome, named her “Dutchie” and she’s got the vanity plate to prove it! 😉 Before leaving on our first trip, we thought it would be fun to start documenting all the “dutchiness” we come across during our travels!

At the beginning of April we packed up and set out on our first road trip! We love living in the mountains of Colorado but this year we’re seeking out warmer spring weather (winter is a very long season living at 9000 feet!) along with “dutchiness”! 🙂

During the maiden week of our trip the first sign of “dutchiness” was at a gas station in Utah! As I left I noticed this rack with Dutch Oven cookbooks. Cowboys did a lot of cooking with dutch ovens! Now you can buy their recipes in this authentic American West cookbook. 🙂

After a dry spell of not finding or coming across any “dutchiness” for a few days – we were rewarded on Route 66 driving through Arizona! Stefan and I tried to follow the old route as much as possible in Arizona and luckily we pulled over in Seligman. As we wandered around town checking out all the cool vintage cars and signs – Stefan pointed out this car, a DAF (complete with NL sticker!). I have now learned that DAF was originally a Dutch automaker (also trucks/trailers) started by two brothers in the early 20th century (in Eindhoven, NL). Very fitting to find some car “dutchiness” on this old driving route! We definitely got our dutchie kicks on Route 66! 😉

We’re looking forward to sharing more “dutchiness” with you soon! Stay tuned for week two’s Dutch happenings!

See ya on the road!

Kris & Stefan

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