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Hoi! I’m the only authentic Dutchie of the group! I was born in Utrecht but spent the majority of my life in Barneveld before I moved to the States in 2015 (after marrying my Colorado girl in 2013!). After traveling around the world when I was 25, taking numerous trips since then (Antarctica – I’ll get to you!) and spending the last 4 years living in Colorado – I still have the desire for more exploring!

Eleven years ago I became a small business owner of My media company is based in The Netherlands and consists of 35 local news websites and glossy magazines.

With my background in IT and photography – I am the techie of the team. I keep our website running – along with shooting and editing our videos. After being a professional Nikon devotee for the past 10 years, I’m now a mirrorless camera convert with my new Fujifilm X-T2! I’m loving the lightweight equipment and rediscovering my love of photography! Besides Dutchies on the Loose, you can also check out my photos on

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