Unpacking our WifiRanger EliteAC pack

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Unpacking our WifiRanger EliteAC pack

Kris and I both have our own businesses, so daily internet connection for us is extremely important. Last fall we purchased a Class C motorhome and our goal is to be able to work easily from the road. After a lot of online research we decided WiFiRanger EliteAC Pack will be a must for keeping our businesses running while traveling!

We were sent the WifiRanger EliteAC to test out (thanks WifiRanger!) and this video is the unboxing of what you receive when ordering your pack.

In this video you’ll learn about the different components, why we choose the WifiRanger and what exactly the WifiRanger does.

Stay tuned for our next video where I install the WifiRanger EliteAC pack in our motorhome Dutchie!

See ya on the road!

Stefan & KrisUnpacking Wifi Ranger

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