Kris and I drive through many areas where our cell signal is weak. The weBoost was one of our best purchases before road tripping! With both of us running online businesses and internet connection a priority – we use weBoost on a daily basis when traveling in Dutchie. The weBoost frequently upgrades us from one bar, enhancing our cell service.

Signal boosters increase cell signal by collecting signals with a powerful antenna, delivering those signals to the booster, amplifying the cell signals so your devices receive them, and delivering your device’s boosted signals back to the cell tower.

The Drive 4G-X RV is a powerful in-vehicle cell phone signal booster kit certified for use anywhere in the US. It boosts voice and data with max FCC-allowed 50 dB system gain, enhancing 4G LTE, as well as 3G network signals, up to 32x. You’ll get fewer lost connections and dead zones, better call quality as well as faster data uploads/downloads. The weBoost can be used while parked or in motion in your RV (and works in all classes of RV’s and towables).

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