What We Learned the First Week Traveling in our Motorhome

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What We Learned the First Week Traveling in our Motorhome

Stefan and I learned so much traveling in our motorhome “Dutchie” during the first week of our road trip! We know this list will keep growing and I’m sure we forgot some, but these are the main things we discovered and want to share!

Carry Cash (small bills)

We realized we would need quarters for laundry, but we also discovered we need to have small bills with us. On the second day of our trip we ventured out for a hike to explore some ice caves and it was in a recreation area that had a small fee. There was no attendant on duty for change and the payment envelope was on the honor system – luckily our friend had some dollar bills!

What We Love

Dutchie’s length – being about 27′ we (ok, that means Stefan at this point! ;)) are finding it fairly easy to maneuver, park, pull over for photos and drive small roads. It’s so handy being able to walk between the cab and our house when we need something. We’re also lovin’ pulling over in pretty spots to have lunch! And lastly… who knew how awesome it would be traveling with a bathroom!

Forgot Things

As well prepared as we were – we forgot stuff! Even though Dutchie has an antenna for Digital TV – we completely forget we’d need a cable wire to connect if we want to watch cable at a campground! We also forgot to bring spare caulk for our roof! Our roof is rubber so it takes a special Dicor caulk – luckily we went by a Camping World a few days into our trip.

Watch for Tree Branches

When Stefan and I were doing our first camp breakdown in Moab, a 5th Wheel across from us hit some low lying branches while making a turn. We know this could be us and saw the major roof and awning damage those branches caused. 🙁

One Lose’s Track of Date and Time

Since Stefan and I are both working full time (even though fairly flexible hours) we didn’t think losing track of the date and time would happen quite so quickly! After a few days we already forgot the day of the week – I was off for an entire day! In Arizona we didn’t realize the time change for at least half of a day! 🙂

Monument Valley
Monument Valley

What Bothers Us

Before we left on our trip I thought for sure the corner bed (not a walk around) was going to bother me – crawling over Stefan to get out of bed, etc… But actually it hasn’t bugged me at all! We like the coziness of it and even though Stefan is fairly tall at 6’1″- he’s on the side for his feet to have the little extra length. One thing we thought we would love is our slide around dinette… well it turns out, not so much! The cushioning is more worn out than we thought and the seat depth isn’t very comfy. And no matter what we do we can’t seem to get the table more sturdy (suggestions anyone?).

Traveling with Balto

Stefan and I knew traveling with Balto would be difficult at times and unfortunately he gets anxiety (stop the panting please!) when Dutchie is in motion. We also knew we’d have to be more concerned about the temperature since we can’t leave him in a hot vehicle. But, we’ve learned it’s hotter in the SW this time of year than we anticipated (news says unusual for April!). We may be changing our route a little farther north for this trip, so if we’re boon docking with no a/c or need to leave Balto inside Dutchie it’ll be safe for him!

One Degree Makes a Difference

It doesn’t seem like not being EXACTLY level in Dutchie would matter that much, but we’ve learned it does! I’m sliding off the dinette couch, water is pooling in the shower and most importantly it’s ruining my oh so important morning eggs! 😉

Friendly Peeps

It’s a great reminder how many good and friendly people are out there! There’s been more – but thanks to the neighbor who helped Stefan with the levels when we arrived at our campground in the dark one evening and to the sweet lady who gave us a river view upgrade! We’re also connecting with a wonderful traveling community on social media and discovering how genuinely helpful everyone is to us RV newbies. 🙂

Stefan and I would love to hear what you learned your first week traveling in your RV!

See ya on the road!

Kris & Stefan

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