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WifiRanger EliteAC

Kris and I both own business and can’t go a day without internet. The WiFiRanger is one of our go-to devices on the road and we use it on a daily basis! During our travels in Dutchie the first thing I do on each of our stops is pop up the antenna, get out my computer and do a WiFi search with the WiFiRanger. This device also allows us to cut down on our data usage. We have chosen the EliteAC Pack (you can watch our unpacking video here).

The goal of WiFiRanger products is to enhance existing internet sources and make them more usable, while also combining these as desired for the most speed, reliability, and automatic backup. WiFiRanger products can reach weak WiFi at extreme distances (up to 2 miles) and also tether to your USB MiFi, Aircard, or Smartphone. WiFiRanger can also simultaneously utilize these multiple internet sources by load balancing data for maximum speed and reliability. The WifiRanger GoAC router offers a secure wifi network inside your RV.

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